How To Install A Point Of Use Water Heater For Shower

After a stressful day, there is nothing more relaxing than a hot shower, and a water heater is indeed best for them. You can get instant warm water as soon as you get into the shower. But before you install them, check if the shower heater you bought has a manual or not.

In the first place, you should definitely call a licensed engineer to install your water heater for the shower but if you want to give it a try then below are some instructions. We have compiled a step by step guide for homeowners ho want don’t know how to install a point of use water heater for shower if they want to do it themselves.

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How to Install a Point of use Water Heater for Shower

The instructions given below are general, as some water heaters may vary in installation. Check the water heater’s manual as well. The whole process of installation might take 15-20 minutes and before installing a point-to-use water heater for the shower, keep in mind a few things.

  • The electric supply should be disconnected
  • The water supply should be disconnected
  • The water pipe is cleared out

Installation of Water Heater on the Wall

Step 1

Check the right position where you want to fit the water heater. Take time and select the right position that suits your bathroom and won’t look odd to someone who enters the bathroom.

Step 2

After choosing the right spot, take a water heater and place it over the chosen area. Observe and mark the area on the wall where nails have to be fitted. After marking the spots, drill the nails inside the wall.

Step 3

Now hang the water heater on the nails. Connect the extension of the water heater to the extension of the water pipe through the bolts. Tight the bolts and make sure there should be no space for water leakage.

Step 4

This step should be done carefully. Connect the wire of the water heater to the switchboard. But before connection, make sure that the heater is cleared out of air.

Step 5

Some of the heaters come with the quality of direct connection, through which you can directly plug in the wire. Others come with a wire which has to be connected to the junction box and then you have to cover it so that no mishap happens due to steam.

Step 6

Now turn the hot water side for 30 seconds and let the water drain. Then repeat the same procedure for cold waterside. Now check if there is any leakage from the pipes. Don’t forget to ensure that the earth conductor has been correctly connected.

Step 7

Check the voltage supply then set the temperature according to your need. The water heater is all ready to function. When you turn on the water, the water heater will automatically start to work.

Installation of Water Heater on the Head of Shower

Step 1

First of all, make sure that the water supply and electric supply are disconnected.

Step 2

Then unbox the shower heater. Take white Teflon tape and wrap it around the male nipple, extending through the wall, only a half-inch. Then wrap half-inch of the white Teflon tape around the threaded nipple coming out of the heater.

Step 3

Now connect the water heater pipe with the line coming out of the wall gently. Make sure you don’t tighten it so hard because it would affect the water flow.

Step 4

Ensure that there is no water leakage.

Step 5

Now place the showerhead on the heater. Make sure you attach the shower head which came with the water heater, not any other shower than that.

Step 6

Plug your water heater into the switch or circuit breaker. Make sure no other appliance is attached to that circuit breaker.


The water temperature may change due to the change in inflow. If the flow is high the temperature of the water may fall if the water supply is less the temperature of the water may rise.


How do I prevent electric shock in my bathroom?

When you leave the bathroom, you should switch off all the electric appliances. Especially after a warm bath when steam is formed, the electric appliance may consume this water and a mishap might happen next time you switch on the appliance. It’s better to open the windows of the bathroom, especially after every steam bath.

How does an instant hot water shower work?

The heating element present in the heater warms up the water as soon as the handle of the hot water side is tilted. As the water starts to flow, the water heater starts working and increases the temperature of the water.

Why is hot water pressure low in the shower?

This might happen due to many reasons but the most common is the showerhead might be clogged with debris which is not letting water pass gently. Other reasons might include leakage of the main pipe, worn-out valve, or some problem with the water heater.

Bottom Line

It’s up to you which water heater you choose for your shower but the methods given above would definitely help you and next time someone asks you how to install a point-of-use water heater for the shower, you are all set to explain the procedure. However, it is better if you get help from some licensed electrician or call customer help for installation.

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