6 Best 120v Tankless Water Heaters in 2022 [ Top Pick Reviews ]

Since the weather is getting cold and the days are shorter, the only thing that calms you down is a good warm shower at the end of the day. The good news is there are many great tankless water heaters available on the market that can make your hassle or warm water much easier. And make it easier for you, here we went ahead and researched the Best 120v Tankless Water Heaters available on the market so that you can read about these units in detail and can make the right decision when buying.

Tankless water heaters come with different features and different price tags and it becomes a bit hard to choose the right one. Similarly, they come with different voltage options to choose from. A 120v tankless water heater is more reliable and also saves your bill at the end of the month. Below we have reviewed the top 120v tankless water heating units that you should consider for yourself.

So without further ado, let’s check the reviews of these tankless heating units.

Reviews of Best 120v Tankless Water Heaters

1. BOSCH Mini tank Tronic 3000 ES8 – Overall Best

Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

Bosch can be reliable when it comes to giving the whole family an adequate water supply. You don’t have to worry about the constant checkups with a tankless water heater, and you can install it, and you will have to check up on it once in a Blue Moon, which will be around 1-2 years after the installation.

This 120v water heater is excellent for small spaces considering they can be installed both sideways and directed upwards. The changes in the way it is installed cause the heater to supply a different amount of water. It can either provide 7 gallons of water when installed vertically or install it vertically, reducing the water supply to 5.1 gallons. When installed vertically, the hot and cold water inlet goes on the top, and you can install pipelines according to what the rest of the manual shows to let the water flow.

This is an electrical heater, which means it will need an electrical supply to attach it to. You can either install this in a place where you find an excellent unit to install it into, or you can install it under the sink, which has a proper electrical supply. An under sink water heater 120vis the perfect amount of voltage that needs to be supplied to ensure on-demand water. They get the job done and are always reliable since they don’t retain moisture and can be maintained by a simple descaling, which will lead to the life of the heater extending and becoming just as new as it would be when you bought it.

This 120v tankless water heater is great for showers and can be connected to one more place for smaller washing stuff and be used whenever the person wants. An excellent investment, Bosch has been a renowned company from Germany and has a very easy installation and can be installed by an amateur. The installation option of vertical and horizontal allows the person to save much more space than usual. Still, it does certainly cut down on the amount of water it supplies. But if you’re going for one place installation, it won’t matter if it’s horizontal or vertical. You’ll always have a hot shower on demand.

  • They’re perfect for small spaces
  • They do not cost a lot
  • They do not use a lot of energy or take up the electricity bill
  • Sideway installation reduces the outflow of the water


2. CAMPLUX Electric Tankless Instant Water Heater

Camplux 120v Tankless Water Heater

Camplux is an ideal 120v on-demand tankless water heater. Since this water heater is made to ensure that the entire thing is compact, they have considered a particularly small size for the whole thing, and the company claims that you can easily install this heater under a sink. The space-saving part makes it very good for people who want these in bathrooms and installed in showers to give you the perfect hot shower. These are also very good for installing a hot water unit in a restaurant to ensure their customers have the best experience.

It’s also effortless to control the heater’s temperature since this comes accommodated with a small remote that can be used to give the person utmost control over the perfect temperature they want. The water to be and considering the amount of water needed to activate the water heater won’t have to wait more than a few seconds for the hot water to start running. This only requires 0.85 GPMs for the heater to be activated, and if the shower water comes in contact with the interior, it will be heated very quickly, and you won’t have to wait.

The remote that comes with the water heater can be used very quickly to change the temperature, and it has the ability to be anywhere between 86°- 125°F. The company also has an excellent map out of what every state requires temperatures. The right amount of hot water can be supplied very quickly to the user if they follow the chart and choose and heater, which correctly fits the need of each state. Overkill isn’t always needed, and you can know what type of temperature suits you best by simply calculating your needs yourself, and simple math does this.

This heater is also very safe and has all the right regulations to ensure that the user gets the best of what they’re paying for.

  • They’re super safe
  • A proper division between every part is done to ensure there are no mishaps
  • These are small and very perfectly sized
  • Some users have experienced bad customer service
  • There have also been a few complaints of the heater being tripped, even a good 350 amp


3. EcoSmart 11 Point of Use Electric Tankless Water Heater

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater

EcoSmart is made to ensure that it saves space and saves energy for the one who opts for it. 120v on-demand tankless water heater units are very particular about what they produce every minute, and so is this water heater. These heaters are made to ensure that the user gets the best out of the situation, and just as so, these are great for saving space and have all the right things installed in the unit to make sure that the user does not have to deal with waiting for a very long time. There is a particular area where the water is initially warmer.

In such situations, the EcoSmart water heater heats the water quicker and gives the user almost 3.1 gallons of water per minute. Suppose the water initially does not very want or is chilled and cold. In that case, it does take the heater a minute to provide 1.3 gallons of water per minute, which may fluctuate depending on what the initial water temperature is.

A dial is installed at the front of the heater, which can be used to change what temperature the person/ user prefers. This heater changes temperature anywhere between 80°-140°F. These are great ranges since they can be altered to fit and heat water to a great extent. If there are initial water influxes of water with the temperature of 67°F and above are the perfect fit for this water heater. Since EcoSmart is a very eco-friendly device, it does not use excessive energy and only starts working when it knows there is water coming in.

You do indeed have to wait at least 40 seconds for the water to get warmer and then get hot; the temperature control is certainly a little strict, considering you can only increase the temperature at one degree at one time. There is no possible way for the heater to go to a higher degree all at once. EcoSmart is an excellent choice for installation in smaller spaces and for conventional vehicles that can be taken across the country.

  • Great for small spaces
  • They have easy installation
  • They’re great for one connection sites.
  • There have been complaints about the company having very poor customer service


4. Stiebel Eltron Electric Tankless Water Heater

Stiebel Eltron Electric Tankless Water Heater

Do you need a stylish 120v point-of-use water heater without compromising on the quality of warm water? Well, aren’t you in luck? The water heaters that we have come across have been very weird looking and have not been pretty or stylish so they could easily be installed out in the open, and everyone would appreciate them. When water heaters are installed out in the open, they do not appeal to the eye. Still, this water heater is a great little piece that comes in one-volt usage and has multiple different voltages available, which provides a much better output for the people who would instead opt for a higher heating system.

These water heaters are great for being installed out in the open and can be used for places that are smaller in size and conventional smaller homes or can be installed in a shower to provide on-demand hot water instantly. These 120v tankless water heaters showers are great for people who have to have instant hot water when they’re on a quick run, and these have a perfect connection that provides the user with safe, warm water in a rapid time. These are also very safe in every way since they are ensured not to start any dry fires. The inside is very well insulated and separated from every part to ensure that the entire thing stays safely in place without agitating and making things worse, starting destruction.

The temperature setting on this heater is controlled by a dial and is not controlled by any remote; these temperatures can be controlled from a good 86°-140°F, which is pretty standard and fits the needs of many people. This will not provide you with scolding hot water, but it will suffice heating water to at least a good 50°C. This heater also has an advanced microprocessor installed, making everything much safer and does not let the dial deviate from the set temperature and ensuring that you’re being provided with the right temperature every time. Since these are hydraulically controlled, it makes sure that the heater does not make any excessive noise and is very quick every time.

  • Has a wide range to choose from
  • It Is excellent for every type of hot water need
  • The design is very sleek and can be installed anywhere in the washroom or near any sink
  • This small water heater takes at least 60 seconds to heat the water


5. Eemax Electric Tankless Water Heater

Eemax Tankless Water Heater

Beneficial things do come in little sizes. So this is one of those beneficial things you purchase for the dale of warm running water each time you turn your tap. Such items generally appear to be futile. Now and then, maybe flawed while furnishing the entire house with warm water gracefully. This little infant should be introduced under a sink or close to the water source where it is needed rather than introducing all the fundamental water sources to give to the entire house. Since this is a tankless water warmer, you will be designed to plug the radiator with an immediate wellspring of water, which will quickly warm and redistribute it to your taps.

The water radiator in terms of size is just as large as a cereal container, which implies there will be no problem for you to introduce it into more modest spaces, for example, under a kitchen sink or with a shower gulf. This fits every single, more modest space and gave moment high temp water.

What truly grabbed my eye on an individual level was the detail of security that accompanies this water warmer. They have made different tests and tips and manners by which this gives a secured method of working. Your water channel and the wiring within the water radiator are isolated, which lessens the danger of a short out or spillage and makes tasks a lot simpler and more advantageous to deal with. Furthermore, you can go on about your day strain-free and not have to stress over what will occur continually.

Likewise, the organization puts the item under numerous tests, which guarantee that you’re not being defrauded of your cash and ensure they’re giving a decent item that won’t bomb you amid hardship, including how that spares energy. Energy sparing is restricted to how this item doesn’t overheat your water if the water input is low. It effectively changes the water temperature and gives warm water rather than overheated burning heated water. The size and the measure of water warmed in the time given are extremely helpful and can likewise have broadened use in a shower. This is an incredible venture; this is still a 120v on an electric water heater.

  • The dial is easy to control and has very easy readings
  • They’re very secure and are sure to not be of any harm
  • Does not lead to overheating of the water even with low input
  • You need to make sure the fittings are correct, or it may cause mishaps


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6. Rheem Residential Tankless Water Heater

Rheem 120v Tankless Water Heater

120v point of the use of water heater by Rheem is surely one of the most extraordinary things which made its way to the public. These are super compact and are some of the easiest things to install in smaller spaces, and considering the looks of this heater, they’re not to be taken lightly. Some of the finer-looking heaters give off a very posh and refined look and may not even clash with any bold colour schemes if they’re installed at the front. Since these heaters are available in grey colours, they can be very easy to hide in plain sight and can be toned down or made to mix with the entire outlook of a posh kitchen or washroom.

Rheem is known to deliver for its customers and is very well known for producing some of the best tankless water heaters, and they never fail in times of need. These water heaters are great for a compact space, and they are made of a rectangle, which saves space underneath the heater, and then you can put some stuff essential to your surroundings.

These heaters are great for a continuous supply all day long, and they are sure not to disappoint the user at any point. And are sure to continue their supply consistently and at a constant temperature no matter what the influx of the water is.

This is also great for saving energy considering these are made out of brass pipes, which make sure that the water has good induction and does not lose heat quickly and also, the use of metal such as brass makes the system work much more smoothly. Since the company is associated with EcoSmart, they know what they are doing when heating the right amount of water at the perfect timing.

Rheem also has a very excellent return policy, and the listed sellers on Amazon give good customer service to the user. It is perfect for a user to directly contact the original company to make sure they’re getting everything correct the first time or even if they’re trying to solve a problem. The user should refer to the original manufacturer in case of emergencies and make sure they’re well informed before taking a step.

  • Easy installation
  • It is very easy to wall mount and is stylish enough to be openly mounted
  • They’re great for hot water conduct.
  • The listed Amazon sellers are not very trustworthy



Final Words

This concludes our best 120v tankless water heater review. This has specifically heaters that need 120v points of use and will always maintain their usage throughout. Since these are smaller heaters, these only can give a smaller out of water outflow every time you use them. But considering the sizes, they can be used in any place and installed in the smallest spaces to save more spaces for more conventional ideas in smaller living spaces.

These heaters that we’ve reviewed get the job done every time, and you won’t have to worry about paying extra.