How to Turn On Tankless Water Heater – The Operating Guide

A footloose and fancy-free warm steamy bath in winters is just out of this world, as it releases all-day stress from your shoulders and makes you breathe a sigh of relief. Every benefit costs you bucks, such as the tankless water heaters that provide continuous warm water to you by consuming electricity or gas. However, operating those advanced setups might sound difficult to you at first, so to make it easy for you I’m here to share a comprehensive guide to “how to turn on tankless water heater?”

Things evolve with time, and water warmers are no exception, as modern tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient, affordable, and convenient than conventional types as they heat water per need. There are many perks of tankless water heaters, but I adore their energy efficiency predominantly, as these warmers cut down up to thirty-four percent of power bills in the future, which is incredibly cost-saving.

So, without further ado let’s read this handy operating guide about tankless water heaters.

How to Turn On Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters provide warm water only when required and consume power efficiently and fulfill your needs. There are many models, including entire house water warmers or point-of-use heaters; electric or gas heaters—you can choose considering your demands. All models have a particular power setup, temperature change, valves, and other settings, which will be challenging to operate at first sight. Therefore, I added here a guide to avoid any adverse circumstances:

How to Turn On Electric Tankless Water Heaters?

Start with turning off the circuit breaker—a primary source of current supply and turn on the warm water taps connected to the unit. Let them run for up to two minutes so that air purges through pipes. Ensure to not open water faucets that are not serviced by the following water heater. You have to reverse the first step: turn on the circuit breaker and turn off the open, warm water valves.

The advanced tankless water warmers have the main dial with several figures, through which you can regulate the water temperature. According to the United States Energy Department, 120 degrees Fahrenheit is an ideal warmth reading as it reduces electricity costs and resists scalding. After that, inspect both valves: inner and outer, to ensure that both faucets are opened.

Your electric tankless water heater has all-set now, so let’s take a quick check to ensure everything is working fine. For this, place a large bucket under the bathtub valve and turn the faucet on at maximum for a minute. Then measure the water quantity in the tub and shut the valve for a minute or two. After two or three gallons, you need to repeat this step to check the water temperature properly.

How to Turn On Gas Tankless Water Heaters?

The process starts by turning off the primary circuit breaker that supplies current to the water heater. You might be thinking about why we deal with circuit breakers in gas heaters. For your information, some models utilize electricity for ignition and panel control even though they heat water on gas. Then, please find the primary gas faucet and shut it off by rotating clockwise. Make sure that gas is entirely cleared from valves: this step takes at least five or ten minutes.

After that, you need to reciprocate those steps: turn on the circuit breaker and rotate the gas supplier anti-clockwise “towards ON state.” Find the main power switch and turn on the unit; your tankless warmer starts functioning now! It’s time to set the temperature at 120 degrees Fahrenheit by regulating the arrows. Some remote control models allow you to handle setup from your bedroom; isn’t it so convenient? Once you have done that, take a test to check your heater!

How to Use a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

Rinnai heaters are based on smart computer technology that supplies warm water on-demand! Not only performance, but the setup is also pretty effortless: they include an electronic ignition unit, direct venting system, manual gas faucets, isolation pipe, and water flow pipe. You need to follow the above guidelines for operating a Rinnai warmer; there is no rocket science. The best thing about Rinnai tankless warmers is their convenient temperature control system that works flawlessly.

How to Use a Rheem Tankless Water Heater?

Rheem is another top-notch brand for selling remarkable water heaters that work in all seasons. Several models are available, but I found their electric heaters front runners featuring electric ignition setup, easy temperature controller, and direct water flow mechanism convenient. Some models offer remote control technology that allows you to regulate water temperature from inside your house.

How to Use a Noritz Tankless Water Heater?

Noritz heaters stand out for offering error codes such as 90,99,11, and so on; you need to match the code from the manual to find and sort out the error. Plus, the Noritz warmers have a digital display that shows water temperature and other settings. The ideal temperature suggested by manufacturers is “110 degrees Fahrenheit”. A top-grade Noritz tankless water heater is highly recommended if you’re a newbie.

How to Use a Marey Tankless Water Heater?

Marey brings cost-saving hot water solutions by launching the best energy-efficient products in today’s market. I found Marey water heaters great for their vast temperature range, i.e., 98 F minimum and 145 F maximum. Over that, including flow alarms has increased the demand for Marey tankless heaters. If you still have any queries regarding how to turn on the tankless water heater, seek guidance from the company’s instructions manual.

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Why is my tankless water heater not turning on?

The most common issue is an accumulation of debris or condensation over heater burners that resist ignition. If the gas or current flow is lower than required, the burner will not ignite. Similarly, the pressure is another factor impacting why a water warmer is not turning on. So, address those issues and fix them to enjoy the continuous warm water. In this article, I have added a guide on “how to turn on tankless water heater,” so make sure to give a tour!

How do you light the pilot on a tankless water heater?

First, open the lid and access the heater’s pilot using a flashlight or headlight. Carefully, turn the knob on and light the pilot. Ensure to read the manual guidelines if you’re performing this for the first time. The use of heatproof gloves or shields is also suggested for amateurs.

Is there a reset button on a tankless water heater?

Yes, the tankless water warmers have reset or reboot settings. You need to hold the main button for some seconds to trigger the reset feature to perform this action. The accidental reboots are intended to avoid any mishaps. To understand more about how to turn on the tankless water heater, have a look at this comprehensive guide!

Final Thoughts

The tankless water heaters are undoubtedly cost-saving, efficient, and convenient compared to traditional warmers or geysers. The advanced computer mechanism allows them to operate only when hot water is required, which cuts down your lifetime energy bills without compromising your warm water requirements. You can only gain all those benefits by knowing how to turn on tankless water heater, so here you go with this blog!

With years of experience under his belt, Adam decided to put his water heater knowledge to work. By providing high-quality content and expert guides, Adam hopes to help anyone looking for expert water heater advice.

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